Silicon Valley in US Now Aims to Tap Canada for Technological Talents

August 20, 2019
Canada implements the Global Talent Stream program for speeding up its visa process to attract skilled technological workers. Additionally, U.S. companies are also opening offices in Canada to tap the tech talents. There is a Tech ecosystem emerging in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Waterloo, with a specialization in AI. 

Silicon Valley in US Now Aims to Tap Canada for Technological Talents

Canadian Immigration is A Positive Sign

Today Toronto is the fastest-growing technology market in North America. Canada is a country which values inclusion. The diversity in Toronto is compelling. Big players, have offices in Toronto, or Waterloo, and serve as technology hubs. Also there is a preference for Vancouver and Montreal. 

The reason of companies crossing the border is that the technology salaries are cheap and an average tech worker in Toronto makes $100,000 but in San Francisco it is $145,000. Moreover it is getting hard for U.S. companies to attract overseas tech talent. As per data of the Department of Homeland Security, 10% fewer H-1B visas were issued between Oct 2017 and Sep 2018 in comparison to the previous year. The U.S. Citizen and Immigration service approved 335,000 H-1B visas, in comparison to 373,400 in the previous year.  

US Immigration is Strict

The US administration is pursuing clamp down strategy aggressively in the H-1B program. Canadian Immigration is able to offer the services of incredible engineers that are inaccessible to the U.S. People are immigrating to Toronto, and a rich talent is available from around the world. 

Canada Immigration Heralds a Change

Canada has heralded an immigration change and has also developed a program to accelerate its visa process exclusively for skilled tech workers. Canada launched the Global Talent Stream, In June 2017 and it has reduced the visa application time from 10 months to just two weeks in IT and STEM-related spheres. By January 2019, 1,000 technology companies successfully hired 4,000 overseas workers by using the program. There is a tremendous IT skills shortage in Canada and around 200,000 jobs need filling up in the next three or four years. 

The immigration policies are definitely benefiting it. With the attraction and arrival of the talent in the country an exciting ecosystem is developing. A survey, says that Canada has more inviting policies and 65% responders feel that immigration policies of Canada are more favorable than those pursued by USA.

Canada Immigration - Cost of living is a factor 

The American tech industry has a gap in skills and from the universities merely 60,000 computer science graduate every year, in spite of thousands of job vacancies. The Silicon Valley is increasingly costly and many persons cannot afford it. The San Jose–Oakland–Haywood area is an expensive metropolitan area in the country. 

Canada is on the path of tech maturity today. Several globally renowned companies are having operations, and the schools are facilitating the graduates, who start their own companies and hone their skills. The job creation happening in Canadian markets has the feature where demand is more than the supply. Major companies need an access to the best talents.

Canada Jobs – Ideal Scenario

Canada, presents the talent that is of good quality comparable to the U.S. The tech scene in Toronto is broad-based, and Montreal is an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Vancouver has proximity to San Francisco and Seattle making it a close destination for West Coast operations. All this proves that Canada is convenient, welcoming, progressive, and has time zone alignment. There is no language barrier also. More companies thus will open offices in Canada. It presents an ideal choice to nurture relationships and hire top caliber of talent.

Toronto will present a thriving market aided by a vibrant scene for technological talents.

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