South Africa proclaims new rules for Child travelers

July 07, 2014
New rules of travelling for children traveling to and from South Africa

The South Africa Airways (SAA) has proclaimed that children moving from and to South Africa are expected to provide a number of additional credentials from 1 October 2014. 

Tlali Tlali, SAA spokesman, said that from 1 October it is not possible to check in all tourists who can’t provide the required documentation. 

The new set of laws follows implementation of an act referred as South Africa Immigration Amendment 2010, which states all the individuals less than 18 years of age are considered as children. 

Children migrating along with their parents should provide unabridged birth certificates which include names of both father and mother. If children are migrating with single parent then they have to produce either a court order representing guardianship, affidavit from other parent allowing approval to travel, or other parent death certificate. Children travelling with other individuals excluding their parents should produce affidavits from their guardians or both parents, and copies of identity credentials or passports of guardians or parents along with contact details. 

Children migrating alone require more formalities which include credentials providing details regarding the person receiving the child. Documents which are not in English has be accompanied and certified by affirmed translation.

The spokesman said that these laws are planned to guarantee the protection of children and must be followed. 
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