UK Home Office is under criticism over delays in cases related to immigration

November 10, 2015
The UK Home Office had been accused of delaying and poor decision making in handling the immigration cases. 

The Health Service and the Parliamentary official which was appointed to investigate the complaints had investigated that there were around 158 complaints against Home Office and its agencies previous year and upholding 69% of them.

UK Home Office is under criticism over delays in cases related to immigration

This figure is more than double the average for public sector.  The Home Office has said that it will consider the findings of the report.

According to the report which was revealed, the main problem the regulatory identified regarding the immigration casework of the Home Office where  procedural mistakes, poor decisions, delays meant people had to tolerate the prolonged uncertainty.

According to Julie Mellor, Parliamentary and Health Service official, they had seen many cases where individuals had been separated from their family and they are unable to do work and their children had also been denied the access to pursue education.

She also said that it is the responsibility of every board of the UK government agencies and the departments to recognize the intense effect poor services could have on the lives of the people and making sure that they learn from the complaints for improving the services for everyone.

Complaints about NHS has formed the bulk of official’s work, but it has completed around 885 investigations into the 981 complaints about the departments of the UK government, its agencies and some of the other public organizations of the UK in the year 2014-15.

Around four government departments has accounted for the 85% of the investigations, it includes the Department of Work and Pensions, the Justice Ministry, HM Revenue and Customs and the Home Office.

Overall the officials have upheld around 33% of the complaints that has been investigated.  The report said that the large portion of the complaints that were upheld about Home Office could partly be explained by high volume of old legacy immigration cases they are dealing with.

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