Thailand will launch six month multiple entry visa to Indians from 13th November

November 06, 2015
Thailand is set to launch a six month tourist visa with multiple entries from 13th of this month. According to release from the Thailand’s Tourism Authority (TAT), this visa will be costing around Rs. 10,000 which makes 5,000 baht. It will be granting tourists from India the multiple entries during the period of six months and also up to the period of months per entry.

This has been speculated since this year’s month of August with the visitors from India were excited about it.

According to Soraya Homchuen, Director of TAT Mumbai , he expects that the visitors and travel agents from India will be happy with the news. 

Six months Thailand tourist visa with multiple entries to Indians from 13th November

Under the recent rules, the tourist visas are valid for just two months after that the tourists should leave the country or they should apply for the extension. But with this new visa, it is going to allow the tourists to enter and exit the country more often as their wish within the period of six months, but they should leave the nation every two months.

The travellers from India might be able to present the proof of funds in surplus of Rs. 42,000 and a year validity on their passports and should also display the intention for travelling to Thailand atleast two times during the period of six months to get eligible for METV.

The individual can apply for METV at the Royal Thai Consulate, which is not available on the arrival; the tourists shall keep the buffer of two days after providing the visa form with complete documents for METV processing.

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