The Populus Group in US Will Pay $1.1 Million Backwages to H1B Workers

June 06, 2019
Following the investigation of the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor, an American employment service company in Troy, Michigan, was in agreement to pay, USD 1.1 million as back wages to 594 H-1B employees. Many of these are top skilled IT professionals from India.

The Populus Group in US Will Pay $1.1 Million Backwages to H1B Workers

The Details

The Populus Group failed to pay the necessary wages to H-1B employees when there was a holiday shutdown of worksites.

Moreover, even after paying the back wages, the Group will review all payroll records (past and current) for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the program as per the official statement.

Timolin Mitchell, Wage and Hour District Director, Detroit, Michigan said that the intention of the H-1B overseas labor certification program is, helping companies, with a base in the USA, to find the top skilled talent that is necessary for them, after they prove the existence, of a shortage of local workers.

Additionally, solving this case proves a commitment to safeguarding local jobs. Moreover, it shows the level playing field for all law-abiding employers. It also ensures that no one gets less payment than they legally deserve.

Other Relevant Details

The law has established a few standards to protect similar employed US workers, from any adverse effect, by employing non-immigrant workers. Also, another aim is to protect the workers engaged through the H-1B non-immigrant visa. Employers also have to attest (to the department) that they agree to pay the wages, to the H-1B (nonimmigrant) workmen. It must be, equal to the actual wages, that they pay for other workers, having a similar experience/qualifications for that job. Another classification is the prevailing wage for that occupation in the area of employment that is greater.

The H-1B visa enjoys a great degree of popularity with the Indian IT professionals. It is a non-immigrant visa, allowing the US companies, to engage overseas workers, in special occupations. These must require a degree of theoretical/technical expertise. Please contact us for more information.

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