The rapid rise in the growth of immigrants in the US is limited to just a few states

May 16, 2014

The rapid rise in the growth of immigrants in the US is limited to just a few states

According to a blog report of a senior correspondent of a major daily newspaper in the US, 'The Washington Post', in just two decades, i.e. between 1990 and 2012, the number of foreign-born people in the US almost doubled, from 19.8 million to 40.7 million. These statistics, the blog writer or correspondent, opines, are significant for both the political parties – Republican and Democrat -- to think about and analyze. This is so because, particularly in the last presidential election, and even before, the Hispanic vote, which also constitutes of the above mentioned large number of foreign-born population, voted for Barack Obama. And, in the last two presidential elections, the two Republican candidates won only a small percentage of the Hispanic vote, according to the post/report of the senior correspondent.

This being so, the correspondent states that even though this represents a major political challenge for the Republicans, as they have been not been drawing and getting the backing, support, etc. and the votes of the Hispanic voting populace, this may be less worrisome in the short-term. This is so because, according to the blog report of the correspondent, even though, conventionally, the Hispanics vote for the democrats, and their population is increasing in the US, this increase has been happening only in a few states, where the Hispanics presently reside and where, very important to note and observe (according to the correspondent), the democrats already dominate politically. Thus, as the correspondent states, “vast majority of the growth in the immigrant population is happening in a relative static number of states”, which states are by now securely held by the Democrats, anyway.

So, as the correspondent concludes from his important report, while there has been a growth of immigrants, the states where the growth has happened or occurred, have remained quite static, or have changed just a little. Thus, in 2012, the top states where the maximum growth of immigrants has happened are California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, etc. And, this is not very different from the recent past.

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