Tourism industry of Australia has urged to reduce visa costs

May 12, 2016
Before the Australian general elections that is schedule to take place in the month of July, the officials from tourism department has urged the government to reduce the cost of visas.

Government says US Visa fee increase is discriminatory

Transport and Tourism Forum of Australia (TFF) has urged the government for developing and announcing the policies that would help and improve the constant sturdy development of visitor economy of Australia.

According to the chief executive officer from TTF, Margy Osmond,  the tourism sector needs a strong back up from the government  and also urged to provide latest policies that would let the industry in reaching its full potential  as Australian economic wealth and employment generator.

He also told that tourism sector would work hard during the campaign to motivate the policy adaption that enhances additional foreign visitors to visit Australia. It has urged to minimize the visa costs and freezing of movement of passenger charge.  it also want to backpacker tax to be scrapped and additional investment in public and marketing transport and infrastructure for visitors for making regions and cities further attractive destinations.

The minister had pointed out that the Tourism Department is generating around $47.5 billion and 3% of country’s GDP  and at 5.3% is developing three times quicker than the entire economy of Australia.

The tourism industry is also supporting around 5,80,800 direct employments and when related jobs is taken into account around a million jobs. it also hires foreign students and backpackers doing job in Australia.

The statistics has revealed that around 6.8 million foreign tourists has arrived in Australia last year, with an increase of 8% and had spend around $36.6 billion which is an increase of 18%.

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