UK Home Office to penalize universities if their students overstay visas

December 11, 2015
Universities in the UK with huge numbers of foreign graduates who do not return back after their studies can find it difficult to bring more students for study in the UK under the latest visa plans which are being examined by the UK Home Office.

UK Home Office to penalize universities if their students overstay visas

Under the prospective reform, the applications for the visa from the foreign person who wish to study in the UK at the institution with a small number of over stayers quickly assessed in recognition of the superior record of the university. But stricter and slower checks will be carried out on those applicants wanting the visa for the courses at the universities with much numbers of over stayers.

The plan of the idea that is being set for UK Home Secretary Theresa May is to provide universities an incentive for ensuring that their overseas students abide by with the terms of their visas.

One possible outcome is the advanced amount of denials for the applicants at the universities which had earlier had a large number of over stayers. Universities which are placed on the go slow list can also lose the prospective students as the applicants choose to apply to the universities for which visas would be more easily issued.

The move by Mrs. Theresa May for pressing ahead with efforts to slash down the students who are overstaying would irritate the leaders of the universities who had also criticized the limitations on the student migration.
This would also risk a latest rift with George Osborne, who earlier told that the numbers of the students is expected to increase by 65,000 in the coming few years. He had discarded the proposals of Home Office that the strict English Tests and limits can be forced on the post graduate students who bring dependents to the Britain.

However according to the Theresa May’s sources,  she believes that many students who do not leave the Britain after completing their studies and stay concludes for ensuring that the universities should take responsibility for any problem.

Under the present rules, the universities are issued a sponsor license permitting them to take foreign students if they show that the individuals they hire are sufficiently qualified and study for only once here.

A license could be withdrawn, but according to the officials, a additional system of graduate penalty shall apply for the institutions that bring important numbers of over stayers in the nation.

The latest move by the Home Office comes after the warning by Theresa May at a Conference in the month of October. The Home Secretary has given an additional warning of a strict approach towards the universities in a speech previous month. She said that she wish to bring accountability to the system of immigration.

According to the statistics, that was published previous month had revealed that around 93,000 additional non-EU students had came into Britain previous year more than the one who had departed. Last year’s figures also revealed the same gap between the departures and the arrivals.

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