UK immigrant rules to hit hard settlement visa holders

July 21, 2015
After the series of visa changes by the United Kingdom, now it is making more difficult to apply for the UK settlement under the tier 2 visa programme from the next year.

The United Kingdom’s tier 2 visa programme allows skilled worker to settle in the country. From April 6, 2016 the salary threshold will determine a skilled worker to apply for Tier 2 visa.

Under the United Kingdom tier 2 visa program, skilled workers can fill the position if it cannot be filled by the settled worker of UK. It is given to the skilled workers who are citizens of outside European economic area (EEA).

United Kingdom hard rules on tier 2 visa skilled worker

After living and working about five years in the United Kingdom, immigrants are allowed for settlement in the UK. With the new rules this right will be applied to high income workers with an income of 35,000 Euros.

This new rules will apply to the citizens outside of Europe economic area filling the positions in demand in the United Kingdom.

The new measures are to pick the best of the talent coming to the UK and to curb the growing immigration problem in the country.

Currently, around 250,000 immigrants are entering the country. Those people do not meet the requirements will have to find a way to stay in the country. Otherwise, they can extend their stay for another year and leave the country.

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