UK must adopt a new approach towards immigration

August 13, 2018
The Confederation of British Industry has published a report, and has called for adopting a new approach. This is leading to a pressure for the U.K. to change the immigration policies. The call is for the government to remove immigration targets, and also to leave Britain open for the growth of the economy. This will result in businesses to get the necessary talent at all levels. Moreover, there is a suggestion that trade deals with India or Australia would come easily, when Britain reviews its visa approach. Also the migration policy has to be brought to the table as a part of the trade discussions.

Josh Hardie, the Deputy Director of CBI says that presently, the needs of Britain are more complex, than ensuring that all bright and the best reach the U.K.  Any building activity needs various personnel to work at various levels.

The solution

The debate on this issue is not theoretical, but concerns the future of a nation. The government has to send the right signals, and include migration in trade talks, with the EU as well as with other nations also. At present, existing restrictions on visa slow down not only trade, but also foreign direct investment.

UK must adopt a new approach towards immigration

India has raised its concern, regarding unwillingness of Britain, to ease visa constraints for professionals and students. Britain decided to exclude India, from relaxed visa norms on students. This has accentuated bilateral tensions, and has invited criticism from India.

This report also has the support of industry-specific groups, like Tech UK, U.K. Hospitality, and Food and Drink Federation. There is a need for fast evolution in the global tech sector and an access to niche digital skill from global talents.


There is a recommendation to reform the Tier 2 visa route, to the U.K. It has to ensure that employers can hire the range of skills they need. There must be no annual limit for issuing Tier 2 visas.

The EU workers are also leaving the U.K. in huge numbers. This is resulting in increasing demand for Tier 2 visas. Many businesses are unable to hire the necessary talents.

The new Home Secretary Sajid Javid, has introduced many changes but there is still a need for more changes. The U.K. should have enough people to run its various services.

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