Hungary to built anti immigration fence amid facing flak

July 03, 2015
Hungary anti immigration fencing draws criticism

Hungary’s foreign minister on Thursday reiterated to built fence in order to cutoff the migration and refugees coming across from Serbian border within a few months, beginning with the border of more active human smugglers.

The state secretary peter Szijjarto said that 4 meter high fence along the length of 175kms with the Serbia border “would completely defend Hungary and the EU from the alarming scale of illegal immigration across the border”. He also said police had already detained around 68000 illegal migrants this year so far, almost all entering from the border of Siberia. The fencing will immediately start in eight to ten locations, which are more exposed to illegal migrants and human smugglers.

In the Meanwhile, drawing criticism about the implications from the border fencing. The UN refugee body urging Hungarian lawmakers to refrain from implementing border fencing activity. As it could make restrictive and detrimental for asylum system for refugees, it will make devastating implication for them.

Hungarian lawmakers will be soon expected to debate about the draft legislation of the interior ministry, as this would allow the officials to detain asylum seekers for longer periods and making them to wait until their fate decided. This new amendments would also prevent the people fleeing from war persecutions and to seek any safety in the country.

PM viktor orban assuring his counterpart about the issue that, this is not any bilateral issue, but in a certain way to cope with the tremendous problems posed by the pressure of illegal migration.
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