UK set to block citizens from Australia, New Zealand and Canada in favor of additional EU workers

December 16, 2015
Britain is welcoming more number of citizens from EU countries who are not facing any restrictions on beginning their new life in this nation.

UK set to block citizens from Australia, New Zealand and Canada in favor of additional EU workers

According to the Australian Department of Foreign Trade and Affairs (DFAT), a latest tranche of the UK visa regulations is all set to come into force by next year and the government of Australia has warned that it will cause the structural damage to the relations between the two nations. Citizens from New Zealand and Canada would also get affected. 

The report also pointed out to the extensive disappointment among the Australian businesses working in the UK. The report from the High Commission of Australia had said that the visa changes in the UK are making this nation a less welcoming destination for the people of Australia.

According to the official statistics that was released in the month of August had revealed that the migrants workers from the EU visiting Britain had increased to around two million individuals, an increase of 4% on the past quarter.

According to the statistics from the report showed that between the month of April- June in the year 2014, and April- June 2015, total number of UK citizens who are working in the country has raised by around 84,000 to get to the total of around 27.76 million, while total number of foreign citizens who are working in the UK has raised by 2,57,000 reaching 3.18 million.

There has been 50% decline in the migration of citizens from Australia between the year 1999 and 2011, to around 26,000 individuals with 14% decline in the previous four years.

From the next year 2016, the UK employees limitations are to be made more tighter and extended to infra firm transfers, spouses right to work and witness taxes implemented but these are only going to impact the employees from New Zealand, Canada and Australia and other Commonwealth nations outside the EU zone.

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