United States streamlines visa applications for Kazakhstanis

March 27, 2015
United States have made easy the visa applications for Kazakhstanis

As per the new reports of United States Consul in Kazakhstan Ian Turner, Kazakhstan has a biggest level of visa application approval compared to other provinces in the country. Till date, this major province has seen a less than 10% visa denials, said the Turner. Inability of Kazakhstanis “strong ties” with the country made rebuffing of visas to the region. Few of the concerned officials of the country noted that if the prospective individual can exhibit that they have ties with the nation, he or she will be granted a visa and permission to reapply in case they have extra information which they could not be able to present during the interview. 

In many cases, the Kazakhs are issued a visa to U.S. even after the rejection, said the officials of the United States. Since 2013 August, Kazakhstanis have the option of renewing U.S. visa without any need to visit the Embassy and undertake the interview. The similar conditions apply in the present, but every aspirant is recommended to forward the necessary documents.

During the year 2014, around 4,000 Kazakhstan citizens have renewed their required visas. Kazakhstanis, who have obtained their visas in this manner, are the ones who had attained their earlier visa in a period of four years on approved conditions. 

Concerned officials of the country are striving hard to make everything feasible for Kazakhstanis, as they have a long-term mutual relationship with the province, said the Turner.  With an intention to maintain the same strategic partnership and contacts, its representatives have planned to provide visiting visas  to the U.S. for Kazakhstanis.

He further added that this new way of obtaining the visas will be helpful especially for students who have enrolled in preliminary courses in the United Kingdom and have got admitted to United States Universities. 

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