Universities in the US and Canada are slow in responding to foreign students inquiries

November 30, 2015
According to the latest study it has revealed that the universities in the US and Canada which are presently admitting the biggest share of the overseas students from all over the world is responding slow to the information requirements of the foreign students.

The revealed study report was conducted using the information collection technique where the team of foreign students had explored the websites of various universities.

Universities in the US and Canada are slow in responding to foreign students inquiries

The performance  of the universities in Canada and the US  could be compared and measured in terms of the online data and find ability along with how well the these universities replied to the inquiries and had followed up with the qualified students.

According to report, the US and Canadian universities are placed in 5th position when it comes to communicating efficiently with the potential foreign students.

When it comes to provide the basic information, the universities in the US and Canada are superior at this position as the data is presented in the comprehensive format and many of the university websites had passed the Test of Google Mobile Friendliness.

However, being just user friendly is not enough as many of the universities from US and Canada did not succeed to address the vital program which is related to the data like study accreditation, start and duration dates, data that are important for the potential foreign students.

The results of response to the inquiries from students has revealed that over 52% of the universities and Canada tried their best for responding within 24 hours of time. This is the outstanding number, especially when the universities In the other English speaking nations, the number is fewer around 42% for  New Zealand and Australia and around 33% for the Ireland and the UK. Many of them do not send the following mails with the day to the students who had shown some interest.

It is notable that the imminent in this report are based on the student’s experiences.  Although the students had done their maximum for recording their experiences in the much precise way, the data might have been overlooked. The outcome shall be interpreted as analytical.

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