University of South Florida is popular among Indian students

December 28, 2015
The South Florida University, which is located in Tempa Bay, US, is a large impact international, research university. It is presently having student population of around 42,000 that includes around 800 students from India.

University of South Florida is popular among Indian students

According to Mr. Ralph C. Wilcox, Executive President, Dean, Muma College of Business, who recently was on a trip India, said that presently there are around 206 Indian students at Muma College of Business pursuing education in the graduate program, and the students also represent  the single biggest group of the foreign students in the college.  Many of them are studying MIS or MS; STEM-related degree, MBA due to the tough business analytics component of those program. 

He also said that the business intelligence and the analytics is the center strength of this university, and this university had also got some best courses in this discipline. This university had got a specialist with huge experience in higher education who does a job with the MIS or MS students to making them ready for the placement.

Many of the students who got enrolled have said that they preferred to visit the USF over many other best schools in the US. It is the strong sign that the students are witnessing the university had got much value in the professional prospects and education of the USF graduate degree.

Wilcox also informed the applicants would get the gain of working at one of the best research comprehensive universities in the US.  As the USF is presently ranking 32nd among all the universities in the US.  

He also  informed that the APJ Kalam Fellowships is designed for the extra ordinary students from India  who seek to study in one of the STEM related areas like Applied Physics, Business PhD programmes, Computer Science and Engineering ,Cell Biology, Applied Anthropology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Integrative Biology Marine Science, Psychology, Engineering, Criminology, and Chemistry.  

This fellowship would waive the tuition fee of all master and doctoral courses for the period of four years. The candidates would also get the stipend of around $18,000 up to nine months of spring and fall semesters for the period of 4 years. 

As per Wilcox, there are one million foreign students registered at over 40,000 universities and colleges in the US. Out of 4,000 foreign students registered in the USF, there are 800 students from India. Foreign students are lured by the US by many higher education institutes and colleges. Students from India, who are registered in the STEM related program, could get paid internship of three months under ‘CPT prior graduation’ and a minimum of one-year internship post-graduation on the OPT.

The Tempa Bay region has got many firms that recruit foreign students as interns. The colleges also got practice centre program where these firms sponsor their projects.  Students work on the firm sponsored projects under supervision of faculty members of the Muma College. Many firms had used these projects as the way to hire fulltime employees.

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