US considers boosting Merit-Based Immigration with benefit to Indians

July 17, 2019
The US administration is proposing an impressive increase in merit-based and legal immigration as an effort to change the obsolete system

US considers boosting Merit-Based Immigration with benefit to Indians

Creating tax revenue of USD 500 billion 

Jared Kushner, The Presidential Adviser, stated that when the immigration policy attracts talented and meritorious professionals at the international level it would successfully create tax revenue of USD 500 billion in 10 years.

It will facilitate the entry of many people who pay into the social safety net. It will also support current American citizens, 
Based on the direction of the President Kushner is taking up the immigration reforms that are now in the final stages and will become public soon. He regretted that the present immigration system was old-fashioned in comparison to other countries that compete with it for talent. Merely 12 percent people become legal immigrants in the present immigration system.

Comparison with other nations

The comparative figures of Canada are 53 per cent, New Zealand 59 percent, Australia 63 percent, Japan 52 percent, with the new proposal; USA can reach 57 percent, which is a competitive range. In 2018, 1.1 million people became US citizens. The keeping the numbers will remain the same. But the composition will change.

The present proposal is the result of a study of the finer details of the immigration system and practices pursued by other countries. The US deserved a fine and super immigration system that is an envy of the world, and the US administration has a firm belief in safe and legal immigration. It was only against random and illegal migration.

Merit-based and modern Immigration System 

The bill aims to create a merit-based and modern immigration system allowing the finest and the brightest global talent to compete on objective criteria for becoming American citizens. Also, this system will improve social diversity and ensure that US follows the practice pursued by Australia regarding the diversity pooling. It will help in maintaining the greatness of the country. President Trump praised the proposal and also acknowledged the requirement of best and talented people. It will lead to a beautiful immigration system in reality. People will come to the country, and can be proud of it thereby helping it in a big way. As a conclusion, he said that it will make the USA greatly popular.

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