US immigration is back to its pre recession levels with Asians in the lead

September 22, 2015
The US immigration rates is back to its levels of pre recession period and the foreign born percentage is now at its highest levels.


But the new face of immigration is considerably different than that of a decade ago, when the inflows came from Central America and Mexico. But now Asians has largely outnumbered the total number of immigrants from Latin America.

According to the Survey of Census Bureau on American Community which was  released previous week shows that the large number of immigrants who are literate, reflects the increasing demand for skilled high tech and health workers in the country.

A Total number of 1 million immigrants arrived during the year 2013-14, which is double of previous years and the biggest number since the year of 2006, which was the year before the recession started officially.

Around 42 million or about 13.3 % of the population of the US is foreign born. Among the foreign born in the US, 19 million are Hispanic and around 11 millions are Asians.

About half the million immigrants to US from the year 2013-14 were Asians, defeating the flow of latinos which were 3,68,000.

There has been a big increase for all the levels of education but the immigrants with the college and graduate degrees were the largest ones. With California top the list of Hispanics, Asians and college graduates who are foreign born.Earlier Mexico was leading the table, but as of now the influx from Mexico has dipped, making China and India the leading immigrants’ source to California.

The Asian countries who tops the list are India with 1,71,000, China with 1,36,000 and Philippines with 82,000. The Latin American countries who top the list are Mexico with 1,29,000, El Salvador with 63,000 and Honduras with 54,000. 

According to an estimation, there are around one and a half million Asians are staying illegally which makes around 2,85,000 from China and India. And around 6 million people from Mexico are staying without the documents.

Many of those who enter the US are more likely educated immigrants on an H-1B visa, status of non immigrant for the US employers to hire international professionals.

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