USA will take a Decision to revoke H-4 work permits in 3 months

September 24, 2018
The Trump administration has informed the Federal Court that it will decide regarding revoking work permits to H-4 visa holders, within three months. Many of these are Indian-Americans, and women will receive the major impact of this rule.

Immediate family members of the H-1 B visa holders, like spouses, children below 21 years receive these H-4 visas. These are issued from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Additionally, these are the most popular and high demand visas, among Indian Information Technology professionals.

Trump: Decision for revoking to H-4 work permits in 3 months

Statement in the Court

The Homeland Security Department stated in its recent court filing, to the US DC in Columbia District that it made a firm and speedy progress. It proposes removing certain H-4 spouses, of H-1 B non immigrants, from its regulations, as a category of aliens, who are eligible and authorized for employment. The submission of the new rule will happen to the Office of Management of Budget, White House. The D.H.S. will do this within three months.

The department also made a plea to the court for keeping the decision, on the suit filed by Save Jobs USA, in abeyance. It represents the US based workers, claiming that many jobs which they do, feel the impact of this government policy. Actually, it was promulgated by the Obama administration.

Administration conducting a review of the H-1 B policy 

Presently, the US administration is conducting a review of the H-1 B visa policy. In its opinion it is misused by companies for replacing local workers.  Moreover, it has stated publicly and in the court statement its intention for revoking work permits to H-4 visa holders. This development will affect on Indian women who are major beneficiaries of the Obama-era rule.

The DHS had filed status reports with the dates of Feb 28th , May 22nd  and Aug 20th , and  The next report has to arrive before Nov 19th . The reason for delay was the recent filing of the status report, where the DHS leadership conducted a review of the rule and returned it to U.S.C.I.S. for revision.  After incorporating the necessary revisions, U.S.C.I.S., returns the rule to the DHS. Then it is cleared finally, and submitted to Office of Management of Budget.

Call for an early Court decision 

The 'Save Jobs USA' Movement is seeking an early Court decision, with the argument that the long delay and abeyance will cause a great harm to the US workers. Since May 2015 till Dec 25, 2017, U.S.C.I.S. gave the approval of 1, 26,853 applications for authorizing employment to the H-4 visa holders. The composition is 90,946 in initial approvals, 35,219 in renewals, and 688 as replacements for lost cards.

Finally, the share of Indians is Ninety-three percent of applications approval in the H-4 employment authorization, based on the Official data. The interested persons can contact Visa Reporter regarding all the details in this matter. Please feel free to contact us.

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