Visa lottery recommended for bringing in foreign students in Australia

March 24, 2016
The Australian Migration Council has recommended that there must be visa lottery for foreign students for addressing rigorous shortage of skilled experts in the nation.

Visa lottery recommended for bringing in foreign students in Australia

Report has recommended that for addressing the shortage of skills during medium term there must be visa lottery of around 10,000 foreign students from around the world. As it will make sure fair approach.

As per the report, aiming the students from around the globe in the fields like computer science, engineering will assist in building the future workforce. This would also surcharge innovation ecosystem with the ideas and talent.

The report had also recommended that every graduate will be given a working visa of four years eliminating the need of employer who sponsor the candidate. 

Under the proposal there will be a number of important requirements like student should be an undergraduate or they might hold a Master degree from any recognized and leading university in the world.  The age of the student should be less than 30, and they should be highly proficient in English. The applicants will also have to go through the health and character requirements as well.

For linking the fresh migrants towards innovation, any individual who could document a successful business will be extended automatic PR while other standard routes towards the Australian permanent residency will stay open.

The report also said that the nations like the US and the UK are turning away foreign students, and Australia could capitalize with this by bringing in those foreign students to their country.

As per the report, over 10,000 graduates can be expected to apply, and a sorting mechanism like lottery will add yet another tool of policy to the migration framework of Australia.

The report also suggested that around 10,000 temporary job visas would be small addition to the present trend of migration, but if the policy goes in a right direction, the effect of startup environment in Australia would be huge.

According to Henry Sherrell, from Migration Council, from around the world, nations like the US and the UK are placing the hurdles on the foreign students. Having a visa lottery would target at young students from all over the world will be a great opportunity for Australia.

The latest idea will lure the individuals who could generate ideas within the local environment of Australia, and the business ideas would be created and supported by those who are living in Australia.

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