Visas to be scrapped by Vietnam for France, Australia, UK and more

June 13, 2015
France, Australia, UK and more country, visas to be scrapped by Vietnam

Since May 2014, the Ministry of culture, tourism and sports and (VNAT) The Vietnam National Administration of tourism have called the government in order to enact the measures for saving the industry of the tourists which has reported in rejecting the numbers of the tourist arrival in a row for twelve months.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has approved more propositions during the meetings of the government in the last month, bringing hopes that Vietnam will be able to attract the foreign visitors back. 

Visa scrapping for the countries that are the key markets of the Vietnam’s tourism or those which have comprehensive or strategic partnerships with and which has in-principle approval, which is secured from premier was proposed by the Ministry of sports, culture, and tourism.

The proposal of the visa waiver and its approval by the government is being seen by the insiders in the industry as a proposal to the foreign tourists who would love to explore Vietnam and boost the tourism of the nation.

Van Hoa has quoted online that chief of VNAT Nyugen Anh Tuan stated that the tourists who are from these nations will be allowed for a stay of fifteen days over the five years for every entry.

The waivers of the visa for the countries first group are predicted to take the effect from the first of July during this year and the second group will be taking the effect from the  first of July during the next year according to the director of VNAT.

According to the resolution released by the government this month, visas will be waived for those tourists coming from Belarus by Vietnam which will be starting from the next month. From the first of July 2015 to the thirtieth of June 2020 the waiver would be applied within the span of five years with a 15 days stay allowed for every entry. 

In the year 2004, the visas for South Korea and Japan were scrapped by Vietnam the holiday maker’s numbers from these nations have raised respectively 2.4 times and 3.6 times.   

In the year 2014, the figure of the Russian tourists who visited Vietnam were 7.45 times more than in the year 2009, while they started enjoying the visa waivers from the nation. He also said that the free-visa rules would encourage the foreign vacationers to visit Vietnam and in addition to avail non-stop service.

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