Why Should You Choose Australia? A guide to your permanent move

October 16, 2013

Why Should You Choose Australia? A guide to your permanent move

Moving from one home to another in the same country can bring up a whole load of issues along the way. However, moving abroad to a new country requires you to be meticulous in your approach. If you are not, reversing a move is much harder. Therefore, you need to ensure that Australia is the right country for you to move to if you are living in India. Here, we will explore a few reasons why people choose Australia for a permanent move over other countries.

Work opportunities

It has been well documented that one of the only countries in the world to avoid huge issues with the worldwide recession is Australia. For this reason, there may be more work opportunities in the country than there currently is in India. However, with this being the case, it is imperative that you check that this is the case in your field before you even think about moving.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 migrants with skilled work visas get a job inside half a year of their move?

Geographical surroundings

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Beaches as far as the eye can see, animals indigenous to the country, and weather to rival any other country. Many choose to move to Australia for the fantastic surroundings and national landmarks simply because there is always something to do when you are not working.

A culture like no other

Australia is an immigrant friendly nation. Did you know that over 20% of all people that live in the country are immigrants? As this is the case, people are often welcoming and friendly to new visitors.

This also means that you will find people from India to socialise with as well just about everywhere. As mentioned, more and more Indian residents are making the permanent move over to Australia and this is a huge plus point for many that feel like that might be one of a kind.

Living standard among the best in the world

Studies have shown that quality of life in Australia is among the highest of any country in the world, and that is from immigrants. Schools, hospitals, road standards, public transport and accommodation are all fantastic depending on where you stay, and these are of course very important points for many to take into account.

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