An Australian Senator aims for severe reduction in Student Visas

August 16, 2018
Fraser Anning, a conservative Australian senator gave a call to drastically reduce the numbers in Australian student visas. India enjoys the second place of international students after China. He made a mention that the foreign students must end stealing Australian jobs through 457 visas. There must be a force on international students to go back to their original country after finishing their education.

He urged for several changes in the immigration policy. When there will be a reduction in the Student visas it will create more places in the university for Australians. He reminded that the parents of these students had actually paid taxes for these universities. The students who study in Australia and also decide to migrate should return to their original country after completing their qualification. Moreover, they must apply in the General Migration Program.

An Australian Senator aims for severe reduction in Student Visas

The strength of students

There are students of 200 nationalities among the international students in Australia. Totally, 53 percent of these come from these five countries as per a report of ICEF monitor.

China 30 percent,

India 11 percent,

Nepal 5 percent,

Malaysia 4 percent,

Brazil 4 percent

Indian students today opt for admissions in Australia and there are a few Universities like the Canberra, New South Wales, Deakin, and Queensland where there was an increase in Indian students during 2017.
291,916 Indians migrated to Australia from 2000 to 2016. Among them 154,012 persons acquired its citizenship, as per a data release of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Presently, there is severe public debate on immigration in Australia. There is a concern in major cities regarding jobs and overcrowding.

Some facts

The 457 visa program permits businesses to hire overseas workers for four years in skilled jobs when there is a scarcity of local workers. There are many Indian visa holders in this category.  In June 2014, 397,180 Indians were living in Australia. Indian population is the fourth among the migrant community in size, in Australia.

Muslims depended on welfare and were responsible for terrorist and criminal acts. They are less than three percent of Australian population, as per the census data. Finally, the solution to this problem is, to hold a popular vote, prior to proposing a plebiscite for allowing the Australians to decide in this matter. They must reveal if they intend to have extensive immigrants from the Third World who do not speak English and, also if they want Muslims among them.
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