Australia confirmed changes in working holiday visa

September 04, 2015

Working holiday visa when introduced by Australia for the young people between the age eighteen to thirty has gained tremendous popularity in a short span of time, allowing the foreigners to work and earn money by extending their holidays.

Now the changes applies to working holiday visa will have an affect on a person who is eligible for second visa to stay for longer period.

The government is keeping an eye on the situation as many employers are taking disadvantage of this by not paying the legal salary to the workers and many of the applicants are applying for the work which exactly doesn’t exist there.

The two subclass types of working holiday visa i.e., subclass 417 visa and subclass 462 visa, will allow the working visa holder to work for 12 months in Australia. In general, working holiday visa can be given only once , in case if holder work for 88 days on a particular work in the regional Australia, then he is eligible to apply for the second working holiday visa. 

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) official said ““The second working holiday visa initiative helps encourage working holiday visa holders to get out of the big cities and spend some time working in other parts of Australia. It also helps businesses that are making an important contribution to the Australian economy to have the workers they need to run their business, particularly in seasonal peaks,”

In order to curb the misuse of this opportunity, the government had asked the workers to present their pay slips along with the application when they apply for the second one. They just need to upload their pay slips attachments along with their applications. Likewise, if they are applying manually, they need to submit their pay slips along with their application.

The DIBP official added “People should not be afraid to ask their employer for pay slips, it is a legal right and a pay slip has to contain certain information.”

“We know that some groups, like Willing Workers on Organic Farms, promote themselves to working holiday visa holders. If you’d like to volunteer some of your time to help out doing activities that count as specified work, you can, but you won’t be able to count it towards your 88 days specified work if it started after the 31 August, said the DIBP spokesman. “If you started the volunteer work before 31 August, you will be able to count all days worked on the placement, even if you finish up after 31 August. If you finished volunteer work before 31 August that counts as specified work, you can include these days towards your 88 days.” The DIBP official said explaining about the voluntary work.

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