Australia Report - High Demand for Skilled Workers

September 17, 2019
There is a high Demand in Australia for all categories of skilled workers, as per a recent report of Deloitte. It says that many jobs are unfilled and also that the employers cannot find workers possessing the required skills. 

Australia Report - High Demand for Skilled Workers

Vacancy rates are high

243,200 jobs were vacant in May 2019, reflecting an increase of 0.3% in comparison to Feb 2019.

Department of Employment, Skills, and Family Business in Australia regularly conducts research for recognizing the skill shortages in sectors. Depending on the research, it releases the occupations list showing the skills shortage at national, regional, and state levels. The  major occupations facing skill shortage cover the Electricians, Motor Mechanics, Civil/ Electrical And Mechanical/ Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Chefs, Bakers, Butchers, Cooks, Mechanists, Metal Fitters, Optometrists, Speech Therapists, Sonographers, Nurses and Finally the Teachers.

Additionally the Government also updates the Skilled Occupation List in Australia regularly as a response to meet the skill shortage in various occupations. The SOL of Australia encompasses the Short Term Skill Shortage List, Medium and Long-Term Skill Shortage List, and finally the Regional Occupation List. 

The occupational ceiling 

The Australian Immigration Department invites overseas skilled workers based on the occupational ceiling fixed for all occupations. These ceilings for popular jobs involving overseas skilled workers are:

Registered Nurses


Software and Applications Programmers




Civil Engineering Professionals


The report also predicts that Australia is likely to struggle with the issue of skill shortage in significant occupations. Though it will differ from one industry to another, its effect will be felt throughout the economy. Furthermore there will be 2 million requirements in the near future in the sectors of health, education, professional services and government services.

Australia will keep offering fantastic career opportunities and as a result the living standards of overseas skilled workers will be high. Please explore options through us to make it your permanent home.

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