Australia's DIBP received freedom of information requests in large numbers

October 27, 2015
The minister’s offices and the federal bureaucracy had been bombarded with as many as 35,550 FOI (Freedom of Information Requests) in the previous year, and the Australia’s DIBP has received over half.

According to the annual report from the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office, the FOI requests numbers has been increased by 25% in the last year that is caused mostly due to the dramatic increase in the immigration application numbers.  

Australia’s Immigration Department bear impact of flood of FOI requests

Immigration was filled with around 18,851 FOI applications.  The requests numbers has been increased by 7000 or 64%, due to the lifting of visa application restrictions.

These FOI request makes around 51 requests per day and the agency stood at second place in receiving requests numbers; the Human Services Department got 4501 requests, and the Veterans Affairs Department got 3436 requests. DHS got 64 extra requests when compared to last year and the DVA got 245 fewer requests.

The Department had granted the full access to the information for 60% of the requests and granted partial access to around 35% of the applications and refused around 5% of them.

Many requests to top agencies were from the members of public who seek access to the documents that contains their personal information. 

Access to the documents was fully and partially granted made up around 89% of the total request that are determined all around the federal bureaucracy.

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