Australia's Temporary Work Visas: A Good Option for Immigrants

October 26, 2013

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for people wishing to emigrate from their own countries. This is because the Australian economy has remained stable despite a lot of challenges. The security in the country is arguably one of the best in the world while there are also very good job opportunities for people with the right skills. Another issue that has made this one of the most desirable destinations is that the government has a very simple policy for immigration. This policy basically encourages those who have the right skills to go and work in the country. In order to qualify for a skill related visa, one is normally assessed through several things including; work experience, qualifications and language proficiency. There are also other visa options including, student visas and humanitarian visas. 

Temporary Work Visas 

In a recent government study, the population of Western Australia was shown to have increased by 3.4% which can be translated into about 82, 600 people. This increase took place between February 2012 and March 2013. An interesting find here is that 63% of this rise is attributed to immigrants who have settled in the country due to their skills. The immigrants are mostly attracted by the vast job opportunities presented by the natural resource projects concentrated in this part of the country. Immigrants in this category are those who hold temporary work visas or more commonly referred to as the ‘457 visas’. These visas are normally issued to foreigners who have proven skills and qualifications. The visas are valid for a period not exceeding four years and holders are allowed to bring their families along. 

The Advantages of Temporary Work Visas for Immigrants 

One of the main advantages of these visas is that they are not limited to a particular group of immigrants. This means they can be accessed by just about anyone regardless of country of origin. In September 2013, the prime minister of Australia promised to initiate talks with Indonesia in order to make immigration for Indonesians much simpler. Indonesia is just one of the countries believed to have skilled workers looking for opportunities to better their lives. It is also worth noting that once an individual has been given the 457, he or she can travel together with the family. The visa holders are also allowed to travel in and out of the country as often as they will within the period of validity. 


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