Bill to increase the salary of H-1B visa holders introduced in the US Senate

December 12, 2015
US Republican Senator, Ted Cruz had introduced a bill in the Senate for making the minimum income of H-1B employees to around$1,10,000 per year and he also said that it would stop the employers from replacing the US workers with cheaper overseas labour.

Bill to increase the salary of H-1B visa holders introduced in the US Senate

While this bill has a slight chance of getting through Congress as it has been clearly seen that the Republicans are divided on this matter.  This bill if made into a law will make this H-1B visa financially inviable for the firms that depend on overseas tech employees with high skills in the US.

Mr. Cruz said that the law is an important effort for repairing the program for H-1B visa for avoiding it from displacing the US employees.

According to him, this law line up the program with its original purpose, does further to stop the employers from using this program for replacing the hard working US workers with the cheap overseas labour and also assists in creating superior simplicity of job requirements and opportunities in the STEM fields so that the skilled unemployed US workers could apply for these jobs.

This bill needs the H-1B employers who want the H-1B visas under the program to obligate to paying the overseas employees they employ either what an US worker who did similar work made two years before to the employing effort or $1,10,000.

The law needs increased transparency in H-1B visa application on part of the Labour Department, with real time online updating of the firms H-1B visa application, the publication of application information and the extra reporting to Congress about the program exploiters.

According to Mr. Sessions, the H-1B visa program is not close to the program it is said to be. Far from filing the labor shortages it is being used as to wipe out the existing jobs of the US workers. The law will enhance the standards of wage for the H-1B visa, blocking its usage as the cheaper labour program and scrap the exploited overseas employees training program which had became the method of replacing the US workers. It will also eliminate the DV lottery, which has became yet another way for small income labour.

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