Canada has witnessed an increase in the number of individuals from China in 2013

April 23, 2014

The number of individuals visiting Canada from China has increased in 2013

Citizenship and Immigration Minister of Canada, Chris Alexander along with his Parliamentary Secretary, Costas Menegakis, has announced that Canada has witnessed an increase in the number of students and permanent residents to that country, from China in 2013.

He released a statement saying that in the previous year, the Canadian government had approved approximately 270,000 tourist visas for those visiting from China. Approximately, 29,000 students were welcomed and on an average 34,000 citizens from china were granted permanent residency of Canada.

Almost 1.5 million inhabitants from Canada can claim their family ancestry to China. The Canadian government has approved permanent resident visas for 250,000 individuals, annually from 2006.

The Canadian government and Chinese government had signed an approved destination status (ADS) agreement in 2010. Under this agreement, the Chinese travel representative can promote and organize tours to Canada. The time that it takes to process the tourist visa was below one week and 95% of the applications were approved.

The figure of student visas and visitor visas approved for Chinese citizens has increased by 225% and 120%, respectively, from 2006.

China has become the top country from which Canada receives and approves applications to get the permanent residency for that country’s citizens.

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