UAE one of the top destination in the world as per Global Residence Program Index (GRPI)

July 03, 2015
Global Residence Program Index (GRPI) releases top destinations in the world

As per the latest Global Residence Program Index (GRPI) by Henley & Partners, Portugal ranked number one among the top destinations out of the reviewed nineteen residence programs. 

So, no wonder, even UAE does not provide citizenship to foreign citizens, It still makes one of the top destination drawing people across different countries and toping the table of the best destination for the people seeking a residency away from their native home country. The reasons are obvious that it not only offer tax-free environment and better quality of life. It is also quite very much affordable to acquire and the processing time is also very less.

UAE also made it in top 10 in some key categories like tax, quality of life and reputation. It is also said that other countries require foreigners to invest in return for residency permit, where as getting a residency permit in UAE does not require to make any minimum investment. In UAE total cost to get residency permit is also very reasonable. All of these factors have contributed UAE to acquire 15th rank in the index ahead of the countries like Hong Kong, Greece and Bulgaria.

Even though any foreign citizen and resident can make money without paying any tax and capital gains, they do not enjoy good visa free travel as like in other countries.

Among all listed countries in the global residency index, Portugal provides the best residency program followed by countries like Austria and Belgium in second and third place respectively, in the which also included countries like Australia, USA, UK, Canada and Switzerland.

The Portugal's Golden Visa Program one of the cheapest investment immigration program in entire European Union, allows foreigners right to live in the country and visa free travel across all Schengen and EU countries with a very minimum investment of 350,000 euros.

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