Canada is keen to have a fast visa process for Indian students

June 26, 2018
Canada has started a fast and simple visa processing method for a few countries which includes India. There is a steady enhancement in the number of Indian students who plan to study in Canada. This new program decreases the processing time for study permits (student visas) to 45 days compared to the previous 60 days, and is also a positive step.

Students from India, Vietnam, China, and Philippines who possess the essential language skills and also the financial resources for achieving academic success in the country can opt for the fresh Student Direct Stream program.

Canada is keen to have a fast visa process for Indian students

The former Student Partners Program had some defects like narrowness in scope.  It was available only to those students who applied to 40 participating Canadian colleges. Alternatively, the S.D.S. program, which begins in June, is available to students who opt for joining the college education in post-secondary courses in all selected learning institutes. Details on this matter were revealed in a statement issued by the I.R.C.C.

This announcement has coincided with the decision of the UK government to exclude students of Indian origin for easier visa norms. The UK and USA are practicing increasing protectionism for Indian students. Hence they are opting for Canada in growing numbers. They gained 83,410 study permits in 2017, showing an increase of 58% over 2016. India has been on the top of the list in 2017. Indian students acquired 26% of the total study permits which were issued. This was followed closely by Chinese students. The trend of Indian students to be the largest in the category of global students is more marked during Jan to April 2018. 29,000 Indian students received the study permits in comparison to 16,925 of Chinese students. These statistics are based on an analysis from the open data available on the Canadian government website.

As per the Canadian Bureau for International Education, an agency in the educational sphere, 4.95 lakh global students were studying in Dec- 2017. This shows a growth of 20%. An IRCC spokesperson stated that the top source countries for global students, in Canada in Dec 2017, were China at 1.40 lakh students, India at 1.24 lakh students and Republic of Korea at 23,050 students.

We provide the fundamentals of the S.D.S. program here:

An assessment of study-permit application on the eligibility and admissibility features, including finance, language and medical factors. In the S.D.S. program, the candidates have to meet these criteria forthright. The students must also pay the tuition fee covering the first semester. They also have to buy a compulsory Guaranteed Investment Certificate of $ 10,000. They must get a minimum score of 6 in English in the I.E.L.T.S. The applicants must submit a copy of the Medical Examination Confirmation Document. Students meet some major criteria upfront with the application. This enables the I.R.C.C. to reduce the time for verifying and completing the assessment process.

There is great importance to Canadian education and work experience, besides internship experience. Furthermore, Canadian education improves the job prospects in Canada. The college students usually complete an internship involving work placement in their course. Furthermore, this serves them well to connect with future employers.

As per the I.R.C.C., the S.D.S. complements the Express Entry System.  These students get a good position to continue on the path of seeking permanent residence and also gain Canadian citizenship after completing their studies in Canada, if they have a desire. Additionally, the EE program to get Canadian PR is based on points. By seeking the Canadian education, they also gather extra points. The official data regarding the most popular courses is not presently available. Experts say that Business Management, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Hospitality, and Medicine are very popular.

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