Canada's Atlantic Region needs more immigrants

January 15, 2016

The Maritime premiers of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Islands, and Nova Scotia have put forward the need of more immigrants as their respective provinces are facing challenges due to Canada’s problem of aging and declining populations. As per them, immigration profile at par with the rest of Canada should be followed for these provinces, which, when combined form Atlantic region of Canada.

Canada’s Atlantic Region needs more immigrants

New Brunswick is facing crises of high death rate hence the province has even proposed its own solution i.e. new immigrants should be boosted to choose New Brunswick as their place of stay. As of now, only 2.5 percent of immigrants settle in Atlantic Canada because the major focus of immigrants is to choose places where already settled immigrants are. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver as of now are favorites for immigrants to settle. This trend has to be challenged and changed if other provinces, especially these 3, want to survive and flourish.

Federal Government of Canada is proposed to create a special program for Atlantic Canada under which immigrants should, at least, live for three to five years in the sponsoring region and after that only the citizenship should be granted. This would mean that these provinces would need to work towards creating better jobs and living conditions which will actually motivate immigrants to choose these provinces above all other already famous and in-demand provinces. The provinces are ready to do everything possible for inviting immigrants because immigrants not only help in economic growth; they also add to culture, diversity and result in a strong diaspora.

It is well within the time that Atlantic region of Canada has realised and accepted that the reason behind the growth of Toronto and other provinces is their immigrant population. It is now expected that more provinces will realise the benefit of immigration and start inviting skilled professionals for permanent settlement.

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