Danish government launches new plans to attract skilled individuals from non-European countries

April 18, 2014
Danish government skilled individuals non-European countries

The Denmark government has announced a new campaign in order to recruit and retain well educated and skilled individuals from non-European countries.

The new plan includes tax perks, a fast-track employment system and simplified immigration.

The plans were announced by the government officials namely Morten Ostergaard who is a tax minister for Denmark; Mette Frederiksen, minister of employment and Sofie Carsten Nielsen, who is a minister of higher education and science for the country.

The Danish Rational Economic Agents Model (DREAM) was launched by the ministry of higher education and science in order to estimate the cost-benefits of retaining the foreign experts. They also stated that maintaining approximately 1,000 such proficient employees will generate another 1,000 to 1,500 jobs.

The government is intended to suggest a set of measures in order to gain the attention of the highly qualified individuals from foreign countries.

The following below are the set of measures that the government is planning to implement.

The primary measure is a fast-track arrangement of the skilled or talented individuals for the corporations. The next  step is to overview the existing green card option for immigration to Denmark. It plans to reduce the tax from the salaries for the foreigners.

Then the government will issue the individual with a personal number which will help them to get settled in Denmark quickly and easily. The individual will also need to open a bank account and will get a quick access to the Danish welfare services and health system.

The government will examine and control the salaries and the occupational environment of the foreigners and will launch certain schemes that will support the individuals who come to Denmark.

The government will approve the residence permit to the entrepreneurs who have a plan to establish a company.

The government will also support the individuals with an international PhD, and also students with master’s degree will be allowed to stay after completion of the graduation. Well trained and talented individuals in respective areas will receive study grants in accordance and post-secondary education will be further internationalized.

The grant system will be implemented from 2015 and about 60 to 65 individuals will get admitted to the Danish universities and they will be benefited under the rules set by the universities.
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