Delay in study permits might hinder Canada's competitiveness

December 10, 2015
According to the figures that were published by CBIE, the students had to wait for more time for a study permit to study in Canada. The information showed a broad difference in the time it takes for processing the study permits for the potential students from various nations beside an overall increase in the time of processing in the year 2015 over 2014.

The report also showed that the boost in students transitioning to the PR  and 110% increase in number of grants for post graduate work permits from around 17, 815 in the year 2008 to 37,456 in the year 2015, thanks to the elimination on type of job foreign graduates can take.

Delay in study permits might hinder Canada’s competitiveness

The reports also reveals that the survey made on the overseas students who wish to study in Canada said that getting the study permit for Canada was the important hurdle.

The report also said that the prolonged processing time for study permits might limit the efficiency of the federal foreign education policy along with the hiring efforts at the institutions all over the Canada.

On  the whole, this year’s statistics had displayed the sliding trend since the year 2011, with the processing time for the foreign students had increased by 30% over the previous year.

According to the report, the processing time stayed low than they were in the year 2011. As this year’s increase had been credited to the lack of coordination between the departments by CIC. 

As students from China, Vietnam and Pakistan also witnessed the long wait for processing of their study permits.  Opposite to that processing time of visa for Indian students took around just three weeks and for France it took just 17 days.

And despite of faster processing time, the study permit applications that were made in India which got approvals in the year 2014 was below average with just 17% when compared to 72% overall.

The rate of approval has remained steady in recent years and many nations had witnessed 100% rate of approvals. The approvals were less from the Middle East and South Asian countries.

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