Japan to consider immigration to foreign unskilled workers amid labour shortage

September 16, 2015
Ministry for Justice in Japan have accumulated an immigration plan for long term basis that is suggesting that the country is required to expands its intake for skilled, specialized and also unskilled foreign workers.


Against a condition of alarming situation of labour shortages fine tuned by the decline in population and the increase in the demand for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the agenda of the ministry went far away from the last plan formulated in the year 2010.

The fifth immigration plan since 1992 includes new categories for recognition of the refugees while visualizing more measures for security. Currently, foreign citizens can apply for the status of residency in Japan, under a total of 27 categories like Arts, diplomatic activities, etc and pursuing education in lines of Law of Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition.

Residency status is granted for five-year period of time and it can be renewable for the jobs in education, medical services, tech industry etc. 

The new plan of the ministry calls for the added efforts to accept the workers in the services of nursing care. The introduction of legislation by the government is to update the law of immigration to provide status of residency to the foreign workers in this nursing care field in the current session of the parliament.

The ministry informed on the issue of taking the workers with excellent skills and knowledge, that it is going to respond appropriately when need for fresh arises. And will also consider accommodating overseas workers who does not fit under the current categories for status of residency or permission of landing.

According to the plan, its high time for giving full consideration to increased general acceptance of overseas workers including simple labour.

The current method of immigration screening which required photography of the face and fingerprinting of the visitors who arrived from abroad had a significant effect, as a measure of controlling terrorism.

Since its beginning in 2007 till the last year, a total of 5200 foreign citizens are denied entry into the country.  According to the information from the ministry.  They will consider to add new technology to additional tightening of the immigration screening. The ministry added.

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