Dual citizenship holders in Canada worries with the new law

July 07, 2015
Canada new citizenship rules  scares dual citizenship holders

With the enforcement of new law in the last month by Canadian government, Which allows them to revoke Canadian citizenship of some Canadians, who are involved in certain serious crimes like treason, terrorism and other offences.

This law creates a storm among the holders of dual citizenship and some ethnic communities, prompting fears among them as that they are unfairly stigmatized by the new law.

Those people from countries that do not allow to hold dual citizenship has told government that they do not have any problem of stripping citizenship from dual citizens of committing serious crimes like terrorism and treason. But, some other participants while agreeing to it were also alarmed by the long term implications of it.       

For participants of countries like Philippines where dual citizenship is permitted are venting their concerns of being subjected to stigma and singling them out. It also makes people wondering whether to retain dual citizenship or revoke their native country citizenship out of fear they may lose the Canadian citizenship more easily with respect to the fact that they are carrying dual citizenship.

The capacity of revoking Canadian citizenship by the Canada government has come with the law passed during last year which has come into effect in the last month.

Some officials from the immigration department said, this measure is to send a clear message to those committing severe offences as being a responsible citizen he/she need to abide the basic civic duties of Canada. As citizenship is not provided to commit atrocities on citizens of Canada, in case a person with dual citizenship involves in those activities his Canadian citizenship will be revoked.

Responding to the new law introduced by Canada government, human rights group argues with enforcing the provisions it will create two-tier citizenship for those citizens born on Canada and of those born elsewhere.

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