Immigration changes to working visas

December 13, 2013
Immigration changes to working visas
New Zealand have many different types of visas available to many different types of people, which one is right for you depends on what you intend to do in New Zealand.

Working visas are intended for people with a skill that can thrive in New Zealand and in turn help New Zealand. These working visas are all temporary but some can lead to a residency in the country of New Zealand.

New Zealand has a list of jobs that are in demand as there is a shortage of skilled workers to do them, if you have qualifications and experience that will enable you to do one of the jobs on the occupational skills shortage list you can apply for an essential skills works visa. You will need to meet certain criteria, having a job offer relevant to the jobs that are on the list will increase your chance of a successful application.

If a New Zealand employer cannot fill a position with a New Zealand national they advertise the job overseas, so if you have had a job offer from a New Zealand employer the best visa you can apply for will be skilled work visa.

The process time can vary for each individual but on average an application can take between six and eight weeks, to qualify for a skilled work visa you must be below the age of fifty six, meet the criteria for language, health and character required and be able to gain a minimum of one hundred points in the points system that governs the visa. Younger applicants will get more points, unfortunately if you are aged over fifty six you can not apply. 

If successful in your application you will be able to bring your spouse with you for as long as the visa and job lasts, you will also be able to bring along any dependants that you have, the better the education you have and experience in the field of work you wish to do will benefit your application under the points scheme, as will the education and work experience of your spouse, if your job offer is for a region outside Auckland you will also gain bonus points for your application, as with a lot of visas if you have a close family member already living in New Zealand you will gain bonus points, the idea of the points system is that it is streamline, easier to apply and easier to asses.

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