Immigration crackdown could make it tougher to hire skilled staff says CBI

December 01, 2015
The business leaders have gave a warning that the crackdown on the immigration as part of the changes to the UK’s relationship with the EU would make it even tougher to hire the skilled staff in Yorkshire.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which hosted the EU debate for the members in the Leeds said that the employers in the UK region of Yorkshire is facing difficulty in searching employees for the accurate training.

Crackdown on immigration could make it tougher to hire skilled staff says CBI

In a survey by the CBI, it was found that the accessing the graduates with the different grounds in subjects like maths, science, technology and engineering is the issue for the businesses of the Yorkshire.

In the similar survey it was found that the 25% of these firms cannot hire graduates in these regions.

According to Lucy Thornycroft, Regional Director, CBI, it is a huge issue now and which is set to get even more worsen in the near future. She also warned that restricting the free movement of the individuals will affect the region’s universal competitiveness.

The Prime Minister of the UK had argued that the UK’s total migration of 3,00,000 individuals per year is not sustainable and he also told the EU that he wishes to put forth better control over the number of people who are visiting from inside the EU.

According to Ms Thornycroft, the CBI had already expressed the concerns around the immigration limit that the UK government is pursuing. The concern is that it will prohibit the businesses being able to attract or access the skilled workers that they require from all over the Europe.

She also highlighted the vital contribution that the foreign students are making to the universities of the Yorkshire.

The debate was attended by the firm which represents the industries like construction, manufacturing, retail, waste management and other professional sectors. 

Ms, Thornycroft told that the access to the single market and its 500 million customers all around the Europe is the solution to the CBI members in Yorkshire.

She also said that the businesses see the gain of the membership of the EU from an economic point of view on creating employments and expansion and making it easy for doing the business.

She told that the top priority of the business leaders should be to see the EU striking the international trade agreements for boosting the jobs and development, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

According to her, the single digit market will also bring the economic gains for the businesses of the UK and it must be a spotlight for the EU.

She informed that the businesses all over the Yorkshire remain positive about the potential for devolution deals to drive the economic growth. The firms are optimistic about the prospect to have a good local say on the investment in the infrastructure.

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