Indian origin people represents biggest number of overseas population in UK

July 04, 2015
Indian born population in UK, are on top

As per the data release by office of national statistics of UK, on Friday, Indian born population in UK have now become the biggest contributor of overseas born population.

With the number of Indians living in UK become 4 times more than the Americans and Chinese.  Indians are also around three times more than the people from Germany and Bangladesh and are of two times more than of Ireland, as these countries are known to be traditional source to the UK.

As of 2013, Indian born population have risen by half since 2004, representing the population of 760,000 followed by the Poland with 688,000 people  and Pakistan with 516,000 people representing second and third positions respectively. The rest of countries include in top 10 are Ireland(378,000), Germany(297,000), Bangladesh(228,000), South Africa(221,000), USA(197,000), China(191,000) and Nigeria(185,000). All of this data represents growing influence of Indians in UK.

From the period between 2004 and 2013, the overseas population increased from 5,258,000 to 7,921,000 at the same time Britain native population increases only to 55,309,000 from 53,907,000 during the period. 

With the rapid rise overseas population in UK, following the decrease of population growth  among native Britain's. UK, now represents most diverse country with the composition of people from different countries. However, with the large chunk of people are coming from the common wealth countries of Britain.

With the statement of PM David Cameron during his election campaign saying one day UK may provide PM from Asian origin, seems to be happening real if the trend follows the same.

Having already elected record number of Indian origin people to parliament in the recent elections. Indian origin MP Keith Vaz, longest serving politician from Asian region has indeed has his chances to become PM in his life time. As, Indian diaspora being the largest and dominant communities in UK, we can already see the clout and influence it  draws in UK politics.

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