IT Industry Don't Need to Worry about Curbs on H-1B Visas

March 25, 2017

On Thursday, the foreign minister of India declared that there was no reason for information technology professionals in the country to be worried over the bans on H1B permits in the United States as the Indian government is in advanced discussions with the administration of President Donald Trump.


The foreign minister disclosed that as regards the H-1B permits for foreigners, around four bills have been tabled before Congress, although none of them has been passed yet.


She also disclosed that the government of India was already bargaining with the United States to make sure that Indian nationals and the betterment of the information technology sector are not jeopardized.


The foreign minister also disclosed that the government was making efforts to make sure that the four bills before Congress regarding the permit policies are passed correctly. The minister had encountered the members of Congress in the United States who had nothing but praises for Indian nationals.


“We have nothing to worry about for now. Everything should work just fine in our favor,” she disclosed.


“We are relaying the information that information technology experts are not taking away their jobs, but instead, they are providing great benefits to the economy and the nation at large,” the minister stated.


Talking about worries by MPs during an interview session, the minister said it would be highly incorrect to state that there has been an alteration in the United States’ policies after Donald Trump’s tenure began.


The minister also pointed out the fact that long before the administration of current President Donald Trump began, there had been a sort of hiccup in the permit accreditation in the United States. “In the year 1990, when the introduction of the H-1B permit first came into force, the limit was 65,000. In the year 2000, during the NDA, it was slightly increased to around 1,095,000. In the year 2004, the number of permits was again dropped back to 65,000 by the United States government.


So basically, there has been a constant alteration in the number of permits issued every year,” the minister told reporters.


The minister also reminded the congregation that the permit application was also open to the wives or husbands of experts of Indian descent.


On the front of undocumented migrants, the minister disclosed that the United States government had provided a list of around 271 individuals who had been marked for deportation, but the country of India had been explicitly told that they would only be deported only after proper documentation. “We are yet to take in the list put forth by the United States and have asked for more clarification on the issue.


It is only after we have investigated the information we have at hand, that we can give out an emergency certification for them to return to their country,” she said.


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