Liberals and Conservatives on Temporary Foreign Workers Program

August 29, 2016
During the Stephen Harper’s regime in Canada, the number of temporary foreign workers in Canada increased beyond limit. Understanding the seriousness of the problem, and to limit the number of immigrants, the then government introduced various immigration reforms.

Liberals and Conservatives on Temporary Foreign Workers Program

By 2009 the number of the applications received for the temporary work permit doubled since 2003. As a result, approximately half a million temporary foreign workers were working in Canada by 2012.

The rapid increase in the number of workers made the government reconsider whether the developments were good for Canadians or not. It was found that several foreign nationals were recruited even in entry level jobs that Canadians can do easily in retail and fast-food segments. This seriously affected the lowerincome group of Canada by bringing down their salaries. The conservative government with immediate effect introduced reforms to the immigration rules and also revised the terms of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. 

Presently the Justin Trudeau Government is under pressure for relaxing the terms of TFW program and remove some restrictions laid by the Harper government. In current scenario there is a need for more migrant workers in Canada as the country is facing shortage of skilled professionals. 

The reforms are required to improve the economic conditions of the provinces, fill the gap created due to skilled manpower shortage, and channeling immigration toward labor markets.

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