Malaysians have to personally visit IVAC to submit their applications for Indian visas

March 29, 2014
Asia Immigration News
Effective 25th March, 2014, the people of Malaysia, who are intending to file their applications for Indian visas, would have to personally visit the IVAC (India Visa Application Centre).

K. Thangavelu, operations Head of IVS Global Services Sdn Bhd, which is the only visa outsourcing agent of India’s High Commission, has said that the introduced system of biometric registration would be applicable for all countries and for all visa categories.

Presently, the registration of biometrics is required by foreigners of all the nations except Malaysia and for the applicants who are filing their applications for employment, medical reasons, entry and student visas.
He also said that Malaysian people who are applying for any of the visa categories of India, are required to submit their applications of visa at the IVAC but not by means of some third parties like travel agents.

Thangavelu has said that this rule has been issued by the Indian High Commission of India as part of the government’s efforts to safeguard the identity of visa applicants.
Biometrics registration means that the applicants could be identified through face photo, fingerprint and iris scan.
Mr. Priyojeet, the vice president of IVS Global Services, has said that the cases of identity theft have been extensive all through the world and said that countries like Malaysia and Britain have already applied the system of biometric registration for several years now in order to stop the cases of identity theft.

The government of India has been implementing this system of biometric registration world-wide in stages.

The system would be completely executed in Thailand by 25th April, 2014 and in Sri Lanka by the month of May.
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