More educated individuals from Asian countries are coming to the US

March 26, 2016
People from India and China are the dominant source of new immigrants who are coming to the US. According to the statistics available from the US Census Bureau, around 48,000 latest immigrants came in from China and India in the previous years.

More educated individuals from Asian countries are coming to the US

Around 60,000 students came from China and India to study in the US during the year 2014-2015. Many of them finds job after completing their graduation with the support from the visa programs  for highly skilled workers.

In the year 2014, around two third H-1B visas which are meant for high skilled workers went to Indian immigrants.  While immigrants from China holds around 87% of the 8,800 EB-5 visas which are meant for investors for creating jobs in the US.

Immigrants from both the countries India and China hold around one third of the entire 1,50,000 L-1 visas which were meant for skilled employees or managers from foreign offices being transferred by their employer to the US.

In the Illinois city, the number of immigrants from India gets tripled to around 17,900. In California city the immigrants from China gets tripled to over 48,000. Making them the second biggest immigrant source group. In the New York City, most of the new immigrants arrivals were from China. 

The college graduate share among the current immigrants has increased from 27% to 44% as large numbers of educated Asians are migrating to the US. Most of them are highly skilled.

Large number of people from Asian countries would continue to visit the US as long as the country’s economy continues to enhance and jobs for educated immigrants are being created.

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