Old Paper-Based Immigration Documentation Afforded Illegal Immigrants Citizenship In The US

October 07, 2016
The most recent investigation activities conducted on immigration by the United State Department of Homeland Security has revealed a long-lasting problem in the immigration scheme that has gotten hundreds of migrant’s citizenship in the United States over the years.

The body identified the old paper-based documentation used by the immigration scheme as containing loads of fingerprint information that cannot be verified electronically or biometrically.It then stated that Names and birthdays falsifications have opened gates for nothing less than 856 immigrants from embattled nations as well as the ones that are notorious for immigration frauds.

Old Paper-Based Immigration Documentation Afforded Illegal Immigrants Citizenship In The US

The guardian news has reported this as the case of mistakenly granting immigrants citizenship and admissions into the United States, but the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general has lifted lids on the issue with claims that the immigrants concerned in these inappropriate documentations have used different names and dates of birth in their citizenship applications with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, and these discrepancies have made nailing such offenders a difficult task because their fingerprints are confirmed missing from the United State government’s database or citizens’ information portal.

The Homeland Security Department Inspector general claimed that their report could not identify the concerned immigrants by their names due to the aforementioned discrepancies but he was sure the culprits are from nations with high immigration fraud records and the “special interest countries”.

He highlighted the problem of the USCIS that resulted to the inappropriate as the old paper-based system, revealing his frustration that the fingerprints information on them are not scanable. He revealed that as many as 315000 immigrants’ fingerprints are missing from the government’s database but they were people traceable to final deportation orders or fugitive crimes. He also added that the immigration and Custom enforcement agency is yet to review about 148000 of the affected immigrants’ files let alone adding fingerprints to their digital records.

It was further revealed that such alibi were created because older paper documents were never added to biometric databases created by defunct immigration and Naturalization services along with the FBI in years gone, and the agencies responsible for consistent immigration criminal searches in the country has also failed to compile the digital fingerprint records of immigration consistently until 2010.

The government was also said to have been aware of this happening since at least 2008 when it was briefed about the 206 immigrants identified with different names and other personal information to be admissible as citizens, though few of such have been investigated.

Mr. John Roth, the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security talked up other immigration issues the United State of America has encountered over time and warned of the sensitivity of awarding immigrants’ citizens of the land and why it should be treated seriously. He opined that mistakenly awarding citizenship to someone already ordered deportation as revealed in their investigation could bring serious consequences because every US citizens can apply and take security sensitive jobs. He said this could be a case of building a nation’s defense in the hand of its enemy.

He conclusively recommended that all outstanding cases be reviewed and thorough documentation must be ensured for a safety of the nation at large.

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