Right to vote campaign by Canadian expats

September 05, 2015
After the court decision reversing a challenge, the Canadian Expats now won’t be able to vote in the next month’s general election of the country.


Two expats who earlier lived in the US had legally challenged the decision saying that those Canadian citizens who lived in another country would be allowed to cast their vote but the Appeal Court has reversed the ruling which means that earlier rule will apply on voting day which is 19th October.  

There will be a five-year limitation on voting of expats as per court’s decision. The court decision says that it was very much reasonable, Allowing expats to vote and participate in law making will affect the residents of Canada on a daily basis, but it will have minimum practical consequences on their lives.

The expats believe immigration is the biggest issue in the election; they have pledged to run a campaign for a change. 

Those who oppose all Canadians can vote, argues that the residents are paying full taxes and have to obey the Canadian laws and have got much higher responsibilities and privileges than the non-residents. And also argued that expats may have an interest in Canadian politics, but their taxes goes to some other governments. Estimated 2.8 million Canadians are staying abroad, and 6000 people cast their ballot in the previous held general elections.

Canadian nationals who had lived abroad for less than five year period of time, public servants and military officials posted outside the country retains the right to vote in the country’s general election.

Expats argued that the long-term expats who care about their country cannot vote but the mass murderers and other criminals can vote.

US citizens who are living outside the country are allowed to vote, provided that they are paying taxes in the US.  UK expats can also vote for 15 years after leaving the country, this is three times more of the limit in Canada. Australian expats who plan to return back within six years are also allowed to vote. And after six years of time, by making a yearly declaration of their plans to return home, they can renew their status.  And can also vote for unlimited period.   There is a three-year limit in New Zealand, but it starts whenever the citizen visits the nation.  New Zealand has extended the right to vote to the overseas nationals coming from different Commonwealth countries.

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