Statements by minor children to the Department of Homeland Security

February 25, 2014
Statements by minor children to the Department of Homeland Security
According to press reports, declarations made by minor children will no longer be held/used against them and thus used to detain them from entering the US. This has been made possible by a change in US immigration policy and may be of help to numerous or innumerable (running into thousands) families world-wide. This change in the immigration policy or law was made possible by the fight put up by a couple: a US woman citizen married to a Mexican citizen who had a son in Mexico. The Mexican citizen, Edith Fawkes, came to Las Vegas in the year 2002 from neighboring Mexico. Soon enough, he met and married an American citizen. After they had married, they initiated legal immigration procedures to bring the son of Edith from his earlier marriage.

 All seemed to go fine except for the fact that the immigration official misunderstood a statement made by the boy, whose command over English was not good(or, was poor). So, as a consequence, the immigration department official banned the boy from entering the country permanently. However, the American mother of the boy took up his case and approached Senator Reid, who took up her case with the immigration authorities. After about three years after the Senator’s intervention, the Department of Homeland Security has finally relented that it needs to change its mindset and ‘official policy’ as for as  ‘statements by children’ are concerned. So, this case of Edith Fawkes and his son has set a precedent and so henceforth, officers of the immigration department will not be able to take into account statements made by minors as the ‘final and binding fact’ and create immigration-related obstacles for them as a consequence.

Finally, Senator Reid, castigating the Department of Homeland Security stated as to why the immigration department needs to be more empathetic and display/show more common sense in its processes and also as to why it needs to bring about more fairness and justice in the immigration process as a whole. The senator also added that episodes and cases such as these contributed to the poor image of US overseas and highlight why it is seen as being unjust in dealing with aliens and migrants.
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