Student accommodation in New Zealand

December 07, 2013
Student accommodation in New Zealand
Students who choose to continue their education in different countries across the world should remember that the accommodation must be found, it is very easy to get caught up with all the other things that are going on surrounding the immigration process, from filling in the forms, meeting criteria, getting the relevant documentations and submitting them all. Not forgetting being accepted on to a course in an institute that can provide an individual with the education they want. But the accommodation must be sorted. New Zealand is a very attractive country but an applicant will need somewhere to stay, for the length of the stay in the country, throughout the course.

 It is important they they do not fall for one of the many scams that are about surrounding accommodation, especially aimed at international students.

In new Zealand certain acceptances on to a course do come with accommodation, this could be in the halls of residence, this is accommodation on campus and usually for first year students who are studying at the educational provider, other types of accommodation that can be giving as part of the course are. fully catered accommodation, this is also for first year students, incentive to ease them into the country and course, self catering accommodation. All of these will be on campus.

Accommodation that can be found of campus is private rental, this is where a student must be on their guard, unfortunately anyone can pose as a landlord with a vacant property available to let to a needy student. In a country that is new to a student or anyone, everything seems amazing, the prospects, the opportunities but awareness is everything. It is important to not enter a country with rose tinted glasses and be aware that there will always be someone waiting to take advantage of a situation. This should not cloud anyone’s visit, but preparation is everything.

If a student is intending or going through a private landlord for accommodation it is a very wise idea to get recommendations of fellow students and always get the feedback from previous tenants. As with any contract a rental contract should be thoroughly read and understood, make sure there are no loopholes, finding what you think is appropriate accommodation for a long stay and realising it is in fact not can really ruin the plans that have been made. Don't let anything stop the educational opportunity that you have been given.

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