Success of Scotland relies on post study work visas

March 08, 2016
According to David Watt, Executive Director of IoD in Scotland, with the absence of the skilled employees, the capacity of Scotland growth will be acutely minimized and sending away young professionals who had benefitted from the high quality education is not good.

Success of Scotland relies on post study work visas

The economy of the Scotland is growing slowly and it needs individuals with wide variety of skills to fuel its growth. To sustain the growth, Scotland should attract foreign migrant employees from the UK, the EU and the remaining world. These migrant employees are required and there is considerable proof to prove that the present growth is being fuelled by the EU migration.

Scotland has got few best universities in the whole world, and yet the present circumstances are not allowing Scotland to access the skilled graduates from the qualified elite from nations around the world, the majority of which comes from China and the US. 

Sectors like energy, health, finance and bioscience are facing problems in hiring skilled graduate employees and motivated to hire non EU students they are not able to continue their job after post graduation.

The business sector of Scotland is dominated by the SMEs but there are many businesses that are mainly impacted by the Tier 2 system. The level  of salary needed for the graduates in the present schemes are set a the level of the UK for suiting the south east of England, the present recommendation of 30,000 pounds as the starting salary for the graduate and the net outcome is that the scheme is unrealistic in the labour market of Scotland.

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