Switzerland voters supported the idea to restrict immigration

February 11, 2014
Switzerland immigration news - Visa Reporter

On Sunday, the voters of Switzerland have supported the idea to restrict immigration. The Swiss government has advised that, if this could be the upcoming result, then it could have an adverse effect on the Swiss economy. The relationship with the European Union would also be worsened.

As per the report given by SRF known as Swiss public television, 50.3 percent of voters have supported the idea of offering quotas for the immigrants of all types while 49.7 percent of the voters have chosen to vote against it. Support was especially from rural areas.

Switzerland has good ties with 28-nation bloc. Bern, the member state of Switzerland, has agreed on few mutual agreements with Brussels. One of the negotiated agreements is that, Switzerland allows five hundred million citizens of EU to work and live in Switzerland. The same thing applies to Swiss citizens.

The government now has to renegotiate the agreement that deals about the free movement of people.

The election results are to have some widespread consequences. Highly educated immigrants from, France, Germany, Italy and EU countries are working in Switzerland. The business groups have expressed that, immigrants play an important role in the economy of the country. Reducing immigration would add further cost to the jobs of Swiss citizens.

The Bankers Association of Switzerland was disappointed by the voting results and said that they need to have some positive discourse with the European Union to explain their position.

The EU expressed its regrets about the outcome of the results and is waiting to examine the government’s implementation of the authority.

As per the proposal, the government has to limit the foreigners on various services for ex: Access to the social services of Switzerland. Due to this victory, Nationalist Swiss People's Party has one more success added to its list.
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