UK and Australia Negotiations over Special Visa Arrangements

August 16, 2014
UK and Australia holds converse on special visa arrangements

Negotiations are going on between Australia and the UK to make special visa arrangements between both the nations. Amendments might be in the cards that can make it simpler for the nationals of Australia to obtain a UK work visa.

At present, as per the EU rules and regulations, the number of UK visa approvals for non EU nationals is restricted.

The margins were initiated in 2012, which means that the UK can only approve 20,000 skilled employee visas for non-EU applicants, which might had an impact on Australian applicants.

Currently discussions have taken place between the governments of Australian and the UK, by expecting cooperation between two nations that can be reached to work on the EU limits.

UK is the popular destination for Australians, who are looking for employment in Europe, on the other hand Australia, is also one among the most famous destination for British expats.
It is expected that there will be some sort of special arrangement between the UK and Australia to break out the EU regulations, though representatives are concerned that other non-EU nations may wish for similar arrangements.

The UK Business Minister, Vince Cable is eager on the idea of special arrangement and describes the present situation by observing the study reports and found that the drop of migrants from outside EU is compensated by 53% increase in new entries of skillful migrants from EU borders like Germany, Spain and France.
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