UK visa migrant shall have a criminal check before the entry

July 20, 2015
UK new visa rules to enforce criminal check up before entry

The series of UK crackdown on immigrants has taken a new turn, now migrants applying for a new UK visa should have a clean criminal record. Immigrants should have a proof of police background check up before they enter the United Kingdom.

The new part of visa rules will start as a trial scheme from the month of September. Any foreign national applying for the UK visa to set up any business or investing in the United Kingdom shall have a verification of criminal record in any country of their past ten years.

Family members will also have to show the evidence of clean criminal record. If anyone lies about the background, they will be banned for ten years to enter in Britain.

The new visa rules will take effect from next year, after the evaluation of the trial scheme.

The concerns over the rising immigration levels have led this new crackdown, as Britain has the inability to deport the foreign criminals often due to the human rights grounds.

As per the figures on latest immigration, 318,000 people out of the total immigrants arrived and left the United Kingdom. This is very much higher than the target of Prime Minister David Cameroon wanted to reduce to thousands.

The immigration minister, James broken Shire, said: “foreign national criminals will have no place in the UK, and this trail scheme will help to make them out of the country.”

In initial phase, this scheme will apply to that Tier 1 visa applicants. These are non-European immigrants such as investors or entrepreneurs seeking an entry to the United Kingdom. They have to invest at least 2 million Euros in The UK in case through investor route.

This new visa requirement will not apply to the other visa countries right now. But will extend in 2016 or 2017.

Around 30,000 migrants with a criminal background in their country were arrested over the past one year in Britain.

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